International tax and legal matters


Internationalization of your business and assets

A new global, linked, digital world provides new opportunities for business and investors. 

Apart of its nice weather and rich culture, motives to invest in Spain can be the searching of new clients, the settings of a new life perpective, a diversification of your Real Estate investments in one of the largest economies in the world...

In any of these cases it becomes necessary to consider a number of possible new implications, duties and rights. 


We will study your personal and family circumstances, taking into consideration domestic and international legal framework (Directives, tax treaties, ...).

According to your interests and goals on immigration and work permission, we will ponderate with you the options offered by legislators and traders, taking into consideration all possible implications and benefits of your decision.

Non-Residents Taxation

In accordance with the legislation in force, non-residents in Spain must comply with certain obligations if they have assets or obtain income in Spanish territory.

If this is your case, we can study your specific circumstances and the way to fully comply with the Revenue Services minimizing your tax burden.

We study the growing network of Tax Agreements among Spain and other countries (more than a hundred into force this year), the applicable EU Directives and Spanish domestic legislation.

We check the advantages or loopholes that may be applicable to your specific personal and economic circumstances. Our main goals are:

  • Avoid potential double taxation circumstances and, if it occurs, to provide double taxation relief.
  • Take care of your fiscal obligations, if they exist, for the assets or properties you may have in Spanish territory.
  • Avoid penalties for non-compliance with the non-meeting of tax liability or informative obligations dead-lines.
  • If you plan to invest in Spain, we guide you through the whole process to provide you the certainty of the value of the property/business you acquire, and to fulfill all the legal and fiscal information