Legal advice


Family tax planning

Taxation is a key factor when optimizing the tax burden of a personal or family wealth.

Taking advantage of advantegous fiscal schemes while avoiding dangerous outdated plannings require a commited advice, able to navigate on an international changing legal framework.

Our services are tailored according to your personal circumstances and based on mutual trust. 


  • Optimization of income and wealth taxation.
  • Fiscal residency matters: study of the implication of a change of fiscal residency, double taxation relief, application of tax treaties, ...
  • Advice and planning on legal and tax matter regarding the succession of assets to formalize the transition 
    of family wealth across generations


Immigration and work permission

The complexity of the issues to deal with, and a multilevel legal framework depending on personal circumstances and country of origin, requires the best professional advice.

We will study your case and its best solution, and will look after your goals knowing the importance of each step and mastering the language, customs and culture of the country. 

We provide specialized legal advice and assistance in obtaining residence permits (NIE) and work permits in Spain for foreign citizens.

We take care of all steps and inform you in advance of key documentary obligations and deadlines.

Contact us and we will study your case to offer you the best optional legal scheme according to current legislation and recent governmental decisions. 


Claiming compensation for traffic accidents

Unfortunately, accidents occur every day.

If you ever suffer injuries derived from a car accident you can claim a fair compensation to cover all concepts the law contemplates.

We have an extensive experience in this field, defending the interests of the injured part. We know the key aspects and steps of the procedure, and will be able to represent and defend your interest much better than the insurance company (in many occasions, the counterpart with opposite interests). 

Contac us and we will study your case. No commitment. We don't charge if you are not paid.